Education Program

Teaching and learning are the central missions of education. Everyone involved in the educational endeavor, whether as a student, an instructor, or a staff member, is both a teacher and a learner. MECAT’s training and workshops use the latest in pedagogical research and the science of learning that offer teachers the skillsets and tools to connect with and understand their students and allow them to fulfill their potential through effective teaching methods. Trainees should gain understanding about how to be effective teachers. During our courses, teachers will get to practice what they learn and prepare modules for class curricula or syllabi that should assist in realizing their objectives and aid in engraving the fundamental concepts they have learned during the training.

MECAT’s Educational Training allows participants to gain understanding about teaching and learning and about how to strengthen their abilities as teachers and as learners. They will have opportunities to think deeply about teaching and to articulate beliefs and values about good teaching. And in the context of those beliefs and values, they will practice various teaching activities in an academic environment- such as expressing learning goals, planning class sessions, and designing assessments.

Our Training

Everyone involved in education can improve his or her teaching and learning. There is no single best method of teaching. Rather, different approaches and pedagogies work well for different learning situations.

A large body of research now exists on how people learn and on effective teaching to promote learning that lasts. We are guided at MECAT by that research. We pay particular attention to these seven key points:
  • Effective teaching involves acquiring relevant knowledge about students and using that knowledge to inform course design and classroom teaching. Our trainees will gain as much knowledge as possible in that respect. At the outset of our courses, we learn about the trainees’ interests, backgrounds, and prior knowledge to help ensure that we are offering the best level of training possible. We engage our students in both intellectual and emotional terms. We will also reflect with the trainees on how their many years of experiences as learners informed their beliefs about teaching.
  • Effective teaching requires organizing information around important ideas. We will focus in the course of our training on a number of big ideas, which become the primary focus of the work in the class. By “big ideas,” we mean coherent chunks of knowledge that are the major building blocks for learning in a field.
  • Effective teaching involves helping students to want to learn. Motivation really matters. We ensure that our trainees are skilled in motivating students that allow them to gain knowledge and skills about the class material.
  • Effective teaching requires active engagement with the knowledge and skills needed for learning. We offer our trainees insight into best methods that will engage the students and allow them to develop mastery.
  • Effective teaching requires both goal-oriented practice and targeted feedback. We give our trainees opportunities to practice teaching and to receive feedback.
  • Effective teaching requires attention to the full range of intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of learning. We teach our trainees methods that allow educators to address their students’ whole selves, rather than focus solely on your cognitive capacities, and we assist our teachers in learning how to view learning as holistic development.
  • Effective teaching demands student responsibility for learning. We provide trainees with the competences needed for monitoring and evaluating their students and adjusting their methods throughout the teaching process.

  • In addition to this comprehensive and well-rounded training that builds the complete and successful educator, MECAT- the innovative academy- introduces teachers to the latest tools and technologies in the academic world. Our approach, thus, allows educators to succeed and distinguish themselves in the world of academia, guaranteeing the highest quality education and knowledge to the teachers and their students, while establishing the trust of the parents and the community in the schools and colleges they work for.
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