Early Childhood Education


The course aims to provide the trainees with a strong foundation of the principles of early childhood education. It combines the key aspects of early childhood teaching and emphasizes the various stages of learning which support development during the early childhood years.

Target Audience

This course is immensely helpful for early childhood teachers, course coordinators, curriculum developers, consultants associated with pre-schools, anyone connected with early childhood care, and for those planning to open a pre-school.

Learning Objectives

This course acquaints the trainees with the basic concepts and theories of early childhood teaching along with the practical teaching skills to get ready to face challenges of diverse preschool classrooms of the 21st century. The course also introduces trainees to the conceptual framework for designing and developing activities that would equip young learners with basic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Trainees will also be equipped with the knowledge and skills to promote numeracy skills, problem solving and social skills in kindergarten children through block play and math activities.