Design Thinking


Design Thinking is an approach to solving problems that puts end users at the center of the process. The goal is to develop useful products and solutions that fit the needs of the user, not the other way around. The process is inherently human-centered, getting close enough to the user to see where their frustrations lie and how we can make their lives and experiences better and more fulfilling.


Target Audience

Design Thinking can be used successfully within any sector including education, government, health care, financial services or non-profits. Any field is potentially ripe for this kind of innovation.


Learning Objectives

Design Thinking introduces a new way of thinking about the problems and questions we face in our world. It steps outside of the traditional boxes with visual thinking, creativity and innovation in order to find new solutions to the same old issues. It is not even about problems; it is about simply finding a better way. Design Thinking questions our assumptions and what we already think we know. It upsets the complacency that keeps things rutted, inefficient or not as good as they could be.