Business Program

Globalization and digital advancements that surround us have rendered old approaches to management and administration out-of-touch or archaic. In the new environment, those who fail to adopt new methodologies to grow their businesses are bound to fail. Adapting to the ever evolving and exciting world of today is critical to any venture’s success. The constant need to adopt new skills, as challenging as it might be, presents unique and thrilling opportunities to innovators, creative managers, and aspiring leaders to distinguish themselves and drive their organizations ever closer to prosperity.

MECAT’s Business Program takes a well-rounded approach that integrates the latest advancements in the world of management, technology, and pedagogy to create a well-rounded innovative leader. Our training couples abstract theory to first-hand practice and experiential learning. Most importantly, we preface our training and workshops with Growth Mindset interventions, and Design Thinking workshops that introduce trainees to the latest discoveries from prestigious institutions in California’s Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

The Business Program includes courses that range from the essential administrative and managerial tasks of team building, human resource management, sales and marketing, to the more advanced and novel areas of digital leadership, e- business, project management, event management, digital and interactive media, to mention a few.

Our Training

These standout offerings, and the novel approach to training build a long-lasting learning experience, and sustainable results. Our distinguished consultants come with years of experience and distinguished pedigrees. We pride ourselves by the fact that they have honed their skills in leading institutions and organizations including Stanford University, IDEO, The Guardian, Fusion, National Institutes of Health, American University of Beirut, University of California at Berkeley, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and others.

Before the commencement of any training program, we perform an in-depth study of the client’s needs and goals. This process ensures that our training directly addresses the demands and requirements of the client, and guarantees learning results that differentiate MECAT’s coaching from the traditional training centers in the market. We recognize that there is no single answer or a unique method of leadership and management; rather, different approaches and styles work well for different situations and challenges. We guarantee that our trainees will have the know-how and business acumen, as well as the mindsets that allow them to successfully navigate the world that we live in, in order to transfer this knowledge to your organization and employees.

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